Beats Headphones Cheap, Improving Your Quality Of Life With The Beginning Of Ears

Monster,also named as Monster Cable, is the first developed brand with high-energy av equipment attachment in the world.The Monster company was founded in 1979 by usa descendant in America Mr.Noel Lee. In 2008,the first style of big Beats Studio headphones was joint researching developed by the Monster company and Grammy award winning artists Dr. Dre and the Monster sound audio expert team. As soon as it's launching,? it was popular rapidly across the entire United States. Strike while the iron is hot, the Monster company launched two kinds of cheap beats by dre sale, Tour and Tuibine ,instantly becoming the high quality headphones in American fashion trend. At present, the Monster beats is becoming the headphone standards sport tendency of Rockč©° Hop and R&B.

The monster headphones is tested with iphone 4/3 g / 3 gs / 4 s ipad 2, if you can't use the volume keys, it is no problem of calling.? In the installation of QQ player, sound effect is good, the middle button can be used to stop and play. The apple 3 can also be used. HTC products are compatible too.

There is a notice you should pay attention to. At the beginning , you should listen to some gentle music, this is in order to let headset slow under low volume 10 to 30 hours, and then by ordinary music (except rock and dance music ) in middle level state 100-200 hours.In the process of listening: it should not work continuously for too long, because it will heat with the long time of working, worse to burn the voice coil! So it is better to wait a few minutes and then continue to go on. Second,the volume can't be so big, or the violent pull diaphragm will cause the deformation even tearing in voice coil and diaphragm.

Monster UR Beats in-ear Beats Headphones with 3.5 mm plug, the middle one pick up/hang up and play pause button, is a song about the fast forward and backward.The line control on the back of the very concise, only one microphone, sound holes with filter device, can avoid clutter into it and affect it's quality.The bass of UR Beats by Dre, is very powerful, with clear and high frequency. You can see from words that this headset is especially suitable for listening to the strong rhythmic of pop music. You can just search the following keywords in google to find out our beats headphones store, such as: Cheap Beats By Dre Online, Cheap Beats By Dre Studio Sale, Cheap Beats By Dr Dre Uk, Cheap Beats By Dr Dre Headphones, Cheap Beats By Dre, Beats By Dre, Cheap Beats By Dre Sale, Cheap Beats By Dr Dre.

Dr dre beats was made of metal, using the in-ear design, sound insulation's affection is good. Words in UR Beats By Dr Dre headphones uses laser printing on the headset, the magic sound of embedded on the auricular logo uses the double color.Headset handle part adopts elastic rubber, there is a metal ring at the end of the handle, it can better protect your headphones, workmanship and the Workmanship is very fine.

There are some customers reflect that the wire are not up and down while listening to the music. It is not the problem of Beats Headphones , but your player is not setted well. So please set to "allow drive-by-wire", it is recommended to use top music player. So it will become your greatest choice this year. Welcome to buy cheap beats by dre.


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