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Are you thinking about outsourcing your architectural or engineering drafting and/or design?

Do you need to augment your staff but do not want the hassles/cost of another employee?

Are you worried if you hire new staff now while you’re busy that you will only have the unpleasant task of “letting them go” in a few months when things slow down again?

Are you training new employees and once they become profitable they simply leave?

Have you made the decision to outsource but simply do not know topamax for weight losswhere to start or how to find potential service providers that meet your needs?

Have you considered using drafting referral services that charge you and/or your possible service provider monthly fees before you even have a chance to work together?

International Drafting Design Source (IDDS) has been outsourcing and developing outsourcing relationships since late 2000. I am the president and founder of IDDS and am also a registered professional civil engineer in the State of California. I have been outsourcing civil design work and have helped other engineers and architects develop outsourcing relationships for the last few years. I have worked closely with many different architectural firms and am well aware of many of their needs. I also keep appraised on outsourcing trends and methods to facilitate outsourcing.

When I first wanted to go independent I was worried about dealing with employees. I had no clue about workman’s compensation, employee insurance, and so on. Although I knew I would over time develop a successful business, I was concerned hiring an employee, providing the employee with all the usual benefits, training beer allergythe employee, and then having the unpleasant task of letting him go when business slowed down or worse yet after going through all the effort the employee simply left. I was an ambitious registered professional civil engineer who really wanted to go off on his own but quickly realized could not do so without help.

In February and March of 2000, I had the privilege of going on a professional cultural exchange to the Philippines hosted by Rotary International. The exchange was during the tail end of the dotcom craze in California. A civil engineering firm in California really had to woo potential employees and had to fight to retain their existing employees. Salaries during that time increased considerably.

Yet in the Philippines, I ran into so many highly educated and capable engineers and architects who could not get a job in their profession and instead were working in agriculture or retail. I quickly realized with modern communication capabilities there is no reason I could not utilize these Philippine engineers.

As a businessman, it was very appealing to work with this inexpensive labor pool on a contractual basis and not have the hassle of figuring out how to deal with employees. As a person I also liked providing work to people in a country that really is poor and has pretty much no social services. In countries like the Philippines if you don’t work and cannot rely on your family, you simply don’t eat!

I started thinking maybe others would like to work with the great people in the Philippines. That thought created IDDS. Now IDDS has developed a database of service providers worldwide. I have visited a few service providers in Manila, Cebu, and Davao, the Philippines, between 2000-2003. In September 2005 I visited with a total of 13 service providers in Delhi, Mumbai (Bombay slimquick), Kolkata (Calcutta), and Cochin, India, and have visited with many more representatives of service provider firms during their travels in the USA. I have plans in 2006 to visit providers in Ghana and Argentina. In 2007 I hope to return to India for more visits with new and existing providers. I intend to visit with as many possible providers as possible in their respective countries and hope to get to know them all.

The database contains service providers that vary in location, skills, capacity, and age considerably. IDDS has created relationships with firms in the Philippines, USA, Canada, Vietnam, India, Romania, Thailand, Ghana, China, South Africa, Argentina, Mexico, and so on. IDDS has single people working on the side as service providers and has firms with 200 plus employees.

IDDS will send your “client request” to the database of providers. Service providers competitively respond to the request within a few days. IDDS compiles the responses and provides a short list of providers to you. IDDS will review the short list with you and point out advantages and disadvantages of various providers. Then you can decide which provider suits your needs and directly contact the provider.

Your benefits are:
  • You do net need to spend valuable time searching the Internet for potential providers.
  • Your research regarding the compatibility of a potential service provider to your needs is more targeted and hence you save time, effort, and money.
  • With a service provider competing against other providers for your attention you will know you have found the most suitable match both in compatibility and cost.
  • Working with a service provider, eliminates many of the costs, liabilities, and hassles of a new employee.
  • Once you are working with a provider you can hire them on a contractual basis, per project basis, or other agreed upon formats. Some providers will even provide dedicated employees for your sole use. You will be able to more comfortably down and up size your business during slow and busy times, respectively.

Now comes the best part, you do not even need to pay IDDS. Hooking you up with a service provider is free. And to make sure that IDDS gets an extensive list of providers, IDDS does not even charge providers to be listed in the database. IDDS does not receive any payment until you and the provider are actually working together and even then it is only a small percentage of the billing and the provider pays it after he is paid by you. IDDS commission structure is supposed to be a win-win-win situation and foster long-term relationships with you and the providers. Once a relationship has started, IDDS helps to insure communications and data transfer runs smoothly and everyone is happy with the relationship. If someone is not satisfied, IDDS tries to find ways to make everyone happy. It is in IDDS best interest that the provider and the client develop a mutually beneficial long relationship.

So go ahead and click on “Client Request” below and fill in the form or simply send an e-mail to info@IDDSource.com with your request. You could also simply call our toll free customer service line and we will provide you with the information you need.

Client Request Form:
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Toll Free: 877.548.6921 (USA only)
Telephone: 415.260.7006

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