IDDS' primary objective is to link compatible firms. We first assess the capabilities and limitations of the client firm and then its compatibility with an IDDS service provider. Once a relationship has been established with a service provider, IDDS will continuously monitor the relationship to insure everyone is satisfied with the relationship and if not, try to implement necessary improvements.

Typical services provided:

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This task may include the conversion of simple hardcopy details or complicated hand drawn plans to an electronic format (dwg, dwn, dxf, etc.). The conversion may include the creation of 3 dimensional surfaces (TIN), defined alignments, defined profiles, 3 dimensional contours, etc. The extent of the conversion would need to be authorized by the client.

Topography: [ Return to Top ]

Once a topographic survey point file has been provided in a previously agreed upon format by the client or the project surveyor, an electronic three dimensional topographic survey can be prepared. The client will need to specify the format of survey and the detailing.

Rendering, Modeling, and Virtual Tours: [ Return to Top ]

Providing sufficient information regarding a project site is available, renderings, modeling, and/or virtual tours could also be created. The client will need to provide the information and specify the extent of detail necessary for the renderings, modeling, and virtual tours.

Structural: [ Return to Top ]

Structural drafting and design support is available as long as it is supervised by a professional registered structural engineer in the respective state in the USA. A few providers have professional registered structural engineers, who can provide services in various states of the USA.

Roadway Grading and Drainage: [ Return to Top ]

Roadway grading and drainage design can be performed after a topographic survey and direction is provided by the client. The client would need to provide approximate location of alignment and design parameters (i.e., maximum and minimum cross slope, roadway grades, cut and fill grades, roadway widths, etc.). The design is usually an iterative process. The client has final design control.

Earthwork and/or Material Quantities: [ Return to Top ]

Earthwork and/or materials quantities could be determined electronically or manually if all the necessary information is available or provided by the client. The client will need to define the extent of effort.

GIS Database Integrated Mapping: [ Return to Top ]

A "smart" electronic facility map could be prepared, for example. The entities on the map could be linked to a database, which could contain historical data, test data, usage data, survey data, or other information regarding the entity. The client would need to define the scope of the database and mapping and provide the GIS coordinates and the database format and content.

Non-Architectural and Engineering Services:
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* Clerical support.
* Creation and maintenance of databases for tracking files, drawings, surveys, etc. The format and capabilities would need to be defined by the client.
* Creation of flyers, brochures, pamphlets, flash presentations, animations, etc. The client would need to define the intent and provide the content and format.

Mechanical, Electrical, & Plumbing: [ Return to Top ]

Some providers are able to provide support for mechanical, electrical, and plumbing consultants. A few may also have the necessary registration to stamp and sign work within various state of the USA. Many have the capability to provide renderings, "blow ups", and sections of products (i.e. furniture, hardware, etc.)