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company profile

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company profile

dongguan zhenglang precision metal parts co., ltd.

dongguan zhenglang precision metal parts co., ltd. is located in chang'an town, dongguan city. it is a modern factory with complete powder metallurgy production capacity. it specializes in producing planetary gear reducers, auto parts, high-performance powder metallurgy parts and precision metal parts. used in automotive, communications, office equipment, household appliances, locks and other industries. provide a complete set of transmission design solutions for customers in various industries.

the company has domestic production equipment, including professional powder metallurgy molding machine, continuous mesh belt sintering furnace and vacuum sintering furnace, and various advanced testing equipment, such as gear meshing instrument, coordinate measuring machine and tensile testing machine.

the company is organized by the academic leaders of the institute, has a large number of technical and management personnel, strict quality control requirements, and lays a solid foundation for ensuring quality products. companies adhering to the "quality one, service priority" policy, in good faith to serve our customers!

company culture

■  value concept: adhere to integrity, focus on performance, and desire change

■  zhenglang style: quick, agile, fair, and upright

■  quality concept: quality is the last word, and customers are good.

■  management philosophy: zhenglang is everyone, everyone is right; no staff who can't do it, only cadres who can't teach

■  service concept: meet customer requirements, exceed customer expectations; satisfy employees, let customers rest assured, let the company develop

■  employing the concept: both ability and political integrity; cadres as a watch rate, cadres as a forward; can go up and down, accurately locate


development path

  • 2012 year

    shenzhen zhenghe precision metal parts co., ltd. was established in shenzhen shajing.

  • 2013 year

    the company passed is09001 certification

  • 2015 year

    the company moved to changan town, dongguan, and changed its name to dongguan zhenglang precision metal parts co., ltd.

  • 2017 year

    the company passed the iatf16949 certification of the automotive industry

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