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on the afternoon of december 28th, the company held a management project learning harvest summary meeting, and the company's management team participated in the meeting. with the end of the conference, it marks the perfect completion of the zhenglang company's internal management improvement project, which lasted for four months in 2018.

the meeting was hosted by mr. ding and mr. he, the training teachers of chain front consulting co., ltd. during the presentation, the meeting was led by mr. ding, and the whole process of the internal management improvement project was briefly summarized and discussed. the results achieved were shared.

then the meeting process was carried out by the company's management personnel to learn and report separately, starting from the actual gains and insights of individual participation, and summarizing and forecasting each specific work in the project, sharing the basic management personnel of the training project. the results not only show the improvement of employees' enthusiasm and self-confidence in the training, but also reflect the full participation of the company and the common progress of all staff.

finally, the company ding zong did a summary of the learning and harvesting report meeting, and summarized the entire project of the management training from the three aspects of “employee-management-company”, which not only explained the internal development project training to the company's development. the actual positive significance also shows the company's high recognition of the achievements of this project.

the internal management improvement project is the actual situation that zhenglang company faces in the management of the current development process. entrusting the chain consulting company to sort out our company's organizational management optimization, employee performance appraisal, personnel recruitment and management. perfect. through this management training work, the achievements can not only solve some practical problems that the company is currently facing, but also increase the cohesiveness and centripetal force of the company and keep the company's steady development moving forward.

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